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Our mission...

Voila's 'just heat & eat' menu has been inspired by the memories of traditional home cooked meals.

- Perfect for the time short professionals and families who are always on the run, Voila meals come to the rescue only taking a few minutes to heat and serve. Grab and go to work or uni, you can heat & eat your hearty home cooked meal during your lunch break, saving you excessive costs and precious time.

- Our menu caters for everyone, so whether you're health conscious, body building, cutting fat, have special dietary needs, choose to avoid animal products or are simply care free and after comfort foods, we have meals suitable for you!

- Each and every batch is made using fresh ingredients locally sourced and free range where possible. All ingredients used in each dish are listed, so you can be sure they are all free from preservatives, artificial sugars and other hidden additives. If there is anything listed that you're not fond of, make a special request and we can remove the ingredient or replace it with an alternative. Special requests and minor changes to dishes will be accommodated where possible.


- All dietary needs have been thoughtfully taken into consideration when designing this menu. If you have a favourite meal that you would like to see on our menu, please email or call and we will run a trial with it. New ideas and feed back are always welcome as Voila heat & eat strives to make your life easier in the kitchen and dining more enjoyable.

- While this is a licensed kitchen that complies with the Australian food safety  standards, high risk meals are prepared in the same kitchen as low risk foods. (Please make any known food allergies well known when placing an order).

About the Chef...

Adaire began her cooking career in an Italian restaurant at age fifteen, working as a kitchen hand making salads and pizzas after school and on weekends. Her passion for food grew when she started

her traineeship in Commercial cookery at age sixteen at The Waterfront Café in Beachport, SA. From there her traineeship lead into completing a four year apprenticeship in Commercial cookery. For the duration of the apprenticeship Adaire was placed in various kitchens including The Barn Palais, steakhouse and catering service, located in Mount Gambier and Bompas Hotel located in Beachport. All formal training was completed at both TAFE SA Adelaide and Regency TAFE Adelaide SA.

Post graduation, Adaire became sous chef at the Mulberry cafe located in Robe, SA.

The combination of these different workplaces in Adaire's history gave her experience in cooking different cuisines and for different dietary requirements.

After a taking a break from the industry, Adaire has returned starting her new business: Voila just heat & eat.