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Choose one side element from:

Jasmine white rice

Long grain brown rice

Black rice

Duo of brown rice and quinoa

Trio of brown, red and wild rice

Multigrain blend of brown rice, red rice, buckwheat, quinoa and chia

Creamy mash potato

Mashed sweet potato



Choose up to three additional vegetables from:


Bok choy



Baby spinach

Green beans




(If mash potato is selected as a side, this dish will no longer be considered dairy free as our mash potato contains butter and cream)


Serving size guide and reccomendations:


Small: Perfect for a light lunch or small dinner.

Medium: A filling main meal.

Large: This container holds enough to serve two petite meals.


Morrocan lamb shanks

Batch amount
  • Keep refrigerated, store below four degrees Celsius.

    Consume within four days of collection/delivery. Alternatively, freeze within two days and consume within two days once defrosted.

    Freezer life: no more than four months. To defrost, it is recommended to refrigerate overnight.

    Avoid re heating multiple times.

    While it is possible to microwave this dish in the plastic container it is packaged in, it is recommended to remove the contents from the plastic and reheat using a microwave safe ceramic bowl/plate or reheat using a stove top.

    Please wash and recycle container 😊